Suggested Packing List

Clothing & Personal Items Per Hunter

  1. 3 x sets of hunting clothes (Dark colors ie: jungle green. No military camouflageis allowed).
  2. 4 x pairs of socks.
  3. 1 x pair of worn in hunting boots
  4. 1 x warm jacket (bear in mind second half of May, June, July and first half ofAugust are colder than all the other months).
  5. 1 x broad brimmed hat and 1 x ball cap.
  6. 1 x pair of sneakers or loafers.
  7. 2 x flashlights plus batteries.
  8. 1 x small gun and optics cleaning set.
  9. 1 x small first aid box. (allergy, head ache, moleskin, mild antibiotic, eye drops,band aids etc.).
  10. Camera and appropriate lenses, chargers and batteries.
  11. Sun block.
  12. Insect repellant.
  13. Malaria prophylactic. We suggest you take Malarone, however please consultyour doctor. No other immunizations are legally required to enter Zimbabwe.
  14. Soft gun case for each gun. Very important.
  15. Ammunition belt (should hold a minimum of 10 rounds).
  16. Gators. (Should stop sand and other debris from entering your boots, BOYTmakes a good pair.)
  17. Binoculars (8 X 30 will do).
  18. Sunglasses and sunscreen.
  19. Candy for hunting vehicles!


A total of 11lbs. of ammunition is allowed, packed separately in an ammunitioncase locked only with T.S.A. locks, or unlocked. Ammunition case must be strongplastic/steel and be placed inside one of your checked luggage separate from yourfirearms.